Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is the largest radio company in the world measured by revenue, with approximately 32.7 million subscribers. SiriusXM’s programming includes 200+ channels, from news to a broad range of in-depth talk, comedy and entertainment. SiriusXM comes installed in new vehicles from every major car company in the U.S. and is available in a fast-growing number of pre-owned vehicles.

As a Production and Marketing Assistant for SiriusXM’s Business Radio station (Powered by the Wharton School), I:

  • Assisted the production of live weekly programs on SiriusXM132, including “Leadership In Action” and
    “Launch Pad,” for the largest radio company in the world measured by revenue.

  • Managed guest booking databases for producers by reaching out to business execs and Fortune 500 companies

  • Created promotional advertisements to grow a loyal listenership across 30 million subscribers. 

  • Tripled SiriusXM132’s Twitter following since joining. 

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