A collection of data visualization and information design pieces that I’ve pursued. Tool kit includes Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Processing and InVision.


Data wearable - “my social media habits”

For 1 week, I kept track of how many times I texted & sent FB messages. I used the data to code ellipses, then constructed a headpiece to showcase the brain's consumption of conversational media.

Diversity in Tech

Interpreted a data set and visualized the racial breakdown in 6 major technology companies.

Alina Peng - Project 02.jpg

PERSONAL DATA MAP - “The roads i frequent”

A map of where I walk on Penn’s campus over a 7-day period.

Median Household income brackets in philadelphia


I segmented Philadelphia by district and township, then researched its poverty rates. The official poverty threshold from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2 people in a household is $15,391, and for 3 people in a household is $18,871. For Philadelphia, the average family size per household is 2.4 people (for 90% of PHL), and the poverty rate is 25.8%. After my research, I then created a data visualization to bring awareness to the impoverished parts of Philadelphia that are closer to Penn than students might realize.