It used to be that 70% of people didn't know the truth. The other 30% did. In a world like this, there were a few vocal individuals in that 30%, forthright about the threat of a society dominated by ignorance and lies. These vocal individuals banded, uniting against their opposition and encouraging others to follow suit, trying to gradually turn that 30% into a 40, then 50... and if the number could just get to 51, maybe they'd stand a chance. 

But the harder these people pushed, the more the 70% began to push back. The 70% was not as visible as the 30%; not nearly as bold, blunt or brash. They did not have any novel arguments or particularly keen insights. Instead, the 70% only twisted what the 30% requested. As the 30% demanded change, the success of the 70% came from resisting that change - by upholding traditional mannerisms and current ways of life. "Times are moving too quickly!" they said. The prosperity of this group laid in remaining stagnant and content in its stagnation, as change naturally bred danger. (The thought of having newcomers? Too ludicrous. The fact that people now CHOOSE when they want to have children? Just absurd! The idea that two people who don't look like me and my partner can also have their relationship officially government-approved? Why!?) Science, diversity, and intelligence all created sentiments of budding fear for the 70%. 

Meanwhile, the 30% ran their mouths in objection. However, many protestors in this population soon cut the race short, giving in before their time was up. Some, on the other hand, ran until they were beat and breathless - too breathless to continue the fight any longer. A select few ran differently. These individuals were special. They stepped outside the bounded lines of their verbal tracks and broke constraints - until they were ultimately disqualified. Stripped of all chances to win, they lost their voices and succumbed to miserable ends. And soon, hope among the 30% started to diminish.  

As the majority soon began to overpower the minority, complacency followed. The 30% became more silent with each passing day. Their numbers began to dwindle, and people converted to take on the influence of their contemporaries.

Soon, 99% of people no longer knew the truth. We were left with 1% who did. But where were they? If they spoke out, they'd be prosecuted, utterly hated. In the backs of their minds, in the depths of their consciences, they were true. But on the surface, they'd lose everything - and no one was willing to take the risk. They'd be considered too radical, too nonconformist, too weird! And their beliefs were simply not enough to sustain them. They were too shackled to the chain of outside opinion to break free. Fear held them down and prevented them from speaking out. 

It becomes too much when 100% of the people no longer know the truth. Here, we live in a vulnerable, provincial world - a feeding ground prone to brain-washing. At first, this placid population might seem pleasant, like a little utopia, free of controversy and contention. But it breeds selfishness and greed for outsiders - the perfect opportunity for a power-seeker to swoop in and prey. When 100% of people are sheltered from the truth, we only have one side. A side that is unprogressive and easily-manipulated. A world prone to takeover by one leader. One king, perhaps. One al-mighty, one God, even. And for America, it was one man named Donald Trump (lolz).

When we can't own our minds, then we no longer have our minds. If we are so conditioned to behave a certain way, then we will get to the point where we can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong. If we are so frequently force-fed perspectives, and merely gulp them down without challenging the way they taste, then we lose the values that make us so fundamentally human. We need to process and analyze. More importantly, we should constantly be asking ourselves, why. Without this, we reduce ourselves to the limitations of artificial beings. If that is the case, then what makes us any different from robots? 

When it gets to this point, when we've relinquished our minds to some higher, propagandized force - all we have left are our core survival instincts. The compulsions that constantly tell us to "stay alive," no matter what. But in this one-sided, Trump-led world, these primitive urges are played. Imagine someone holding a gun to the heads of all the radicals and saying, "You can’t believe in your ideology any more. If you do, then you die." Their minds would subsequently reject the ideology. "I don’t want to die," they'd say. But after everyone is threatened this way, who's left? We'd all be gone then. Merely alive, but not truly living.

To live is to be free. And in this world, we most certainly do not have our freedom.