University of Pennsylvania (2020)

B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), Concentrating in Choice and Behavior

Minors in Design and Consumer Psychology


About me

I fell in love with people first. Then with ideas. And finally, with making things.

As a PPE Major and Consumer Psychology Minor, I am studying decision-making and consumer cognition across global markets. Having this breadth of knowledge allows me to think critically, dynamically, extensively… regarding our world and our place in it.

I have learned about humans, their socioeconomic structures, and their mechanical counterparts – and at this junction lies the heart of my creative process. Here, I have watched ideas come to life time and time again.

As a Fine Arts (Design) Minor, I then strive to use interactive, digital media to explore these relationships on a deeper level. How does design technology ultimately improve the human condition, in an emotionally-intelligent, socially-progressive way?

My praxis propels me to understand just that.

Other interests include fashion, film, the modern Asian-American movement, social entrepreneurship, and powerful storytelling.